The Methionine + Lysine Complete Protein Cheat Sheet

Being a self-educated vegan, it's easy to muck things up--especially when it comes to eating the right protein when the FDA doesn't require foods to be labeled with their amino acid contents. The mere grams of protein in a meal is insufficient information to determine how much protein your body can actually absorb.

I recently ran across the concept of a complete protein on wikipedia. One of the limiting factors of the adult body being able to turn amino acids into protein depend on the ratio of 7 different amino acids. If any one of these proteins is too low, it becomes the limiting amino acid / bottleneck on your body being able to build protein. These amino acids and their proportions necessary to form a complete protein are listed below (copied from wikipedia):

Essential Amino Acid mg/g of Protein
Tryptophan 7
Threonine 27
Isoleucine 25
Leucine 55
Lysine 51
Methionine+Cystine 25
Phenylalanine+Tyrosine 47
Valine 32
Histidine 18

Complete proteins are found naturally in meats, but a plant-based diet is generally limited by their methionine and lysine proportions. Fortunately, a diet rich in rice (a good source of methionine) and beans (a good source of lysine) provides a vegan diet with a complete protein. This is why rice+beans is a common staple to many cultures around the world.

After learning this, I hopped over to and searched for a comprehensive list of foods highest in methionine and lysine.

I copied all the vegan query's response to a spreadsheet, and here's the resulting Vegan Complete Protein Cheat Sheet:

mg Methionine / 100g serving of vegan foods

Lysene concentrations in vegan foods

mg lysene / 100g serving of vegan food

mg Lysine / 100g serving of vegan foods

Methionine Concentrations in Vegan Foods

mg methionine / 100g serving of vegan foods

Other formats:

* methionine.pdf
* lysene.pdf
* Open Office spreadsheet

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